Friday, April 6, 2012

What a Week it Was!

This school week only had four days, but it was packed with many successes.  Separate blog posts will come for some of these, but here's a sampler:

• Our podcast class recorded "An Interview with an Inventor" this week.  19 groups (about 70 students) all recorded and posted in just three days - amazing.  Of course, that doesn't include the research and script writing time, but the students have become quite adept at recording and simple editing in Garageband.

• My 5th grade musicians had success collecting research using a Google Form this week, and some have even started creating their websites.  Network issues tried to stop us in our tracks, but we have found ways to keep us working.

• The tech upgrades to our Middle School choir room are all installed.  This project was hatched in December, and just this week, everything is installed and functioning.

• My 7th grade choir students finished recording Solo/Ensemble pieces this week.  More difficult than it should have been ...

• 7th grade general music students have finished their scripts for a radio show podcast about the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras of music.  One of the groups has recorded, and the rest will be ready to go after Spring Break.

Now it is Spring Break.  Personally, it is not time for me to relax yet.  I am the Director of Liturgy & Music for a very large Catholic parish, which means a flurry of activity this weekend.  But I will fit in blog posts, some prep for ideas for the rest of the school year, and relaxation time with the family.

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