Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Weekend of Curriculum

Somewhere in the heat of work this weekend, I sent this tweet:
Our district has undertaken some of the most serious curriculum review work I have seen.  The conversations we have had about what we teach, why we teach it, when we teach it, and how it impacts student achievement are really remarkable.  It has been years of work, all entered into a tool called Build Your Own Curriculum.  It is an amazing group effort, but at some point it comes back to one person to go over everything.  

I have spent the last four days aligning and refining elementary music curriculum for 5K, 1st, 4th, an 5th.  It meant pages of curriculum spread out across tables, the floor, or my kitchen island.  The time was spent looking for commonalities, differences, and gaps and then making notes in many different colors in the margins.  Then, back to the computer to make the changes needed.  

Now, we are left with four grade levels of incredibly written and aligned elementary music curriculum. Our team has a short "to do" list to complete these four grade levels, and then we'll start working on 2nd and 3rd grade curriculum.  

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