Saturday, March 3, 2012

In the Beginning ...

Technology in the music classroom?  Maybe.  Technology in the elementary music classroom?  Even less.  But if you view technology as one way of connecting to an audience, then technology makes perfect sense in the music classroom.  Music needs performers and listeners, and technology connects what we do in the classroom to the world outside the classroom.

How did I get started with technology in the music classroom?  I have been a Sibelius user since Sibelius 2 (music composition software).  I remember the first time someone introduced me to iTunes when all you could do was import CD's.  But those were all teacher tools.

Fast forward a few years - a principal in my district needed a place to store this monster sized, rolling thing called a Smartboard.  It ended up being stored in a practice room in my music room.  Nobody told me what it was or what it did, so I looked it up online.  After a little research and a downloadable Jeopardy game, the kids and I were having a blast.  I remember running to the principal and saying, "You have to look at this!"  She came down and said, "You know you have to orient it."  I had no idea what that meant at first, but it was the only 1:1 instruction I've ever needed in Smartboarding.  The rest is history.

Now, in my 13th year of teaching, I still have a Smartboard, but over time have added classroom websites, iPod, iPad, Voicethreads, laptops, doc cams, Apple TV, and (coming up) Google Apps for Education.  I am at the point where I want to share what I am doing in the classroom even more.  I guess even teachers need an audience, and to that end, this new blog.  Hope you enjoy

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