Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wish list for this week's Apple event

My wife wants an iPad.  She's been waiting since Christmas, when I said "Wait ... the next generation will be out soon."  And Apple's event is this Wednesday.

Me?  I am more interested in what the rumored Apple TV, 3rd generation may bring to the game.  I have a 2nd generation Apple TV at home, which I have used at church on an open network.  I have tried it at school on an enterprise network, and I can get it to work using the method on Ms. Magiera's blog (add an additional wireless router).

In one of my classrooms at school, I am just finishing some upgrades (more in a future post when they are completed), but a big part of that upgrade was an Apple TV.  I currently have an unopened Apple TV, 2nd gen sitting in the classroom, its fate unknown until after Wednesday's Apple event.  I am hoping that Apple will make the 3rd generation Apple TV more friendly to enterprise networks, thereby making it a tool for businesses and schools.  Then, I will send my unopened 2nd generation model back and exchange it for the 3rd generation, if it indeed is more network friendly for schools.  The other question is what ports will be in the new model.

Finally, in the last few days, much has been mentioned about the Reflection app that mirrors your iPad to your laptop which is then connected to your projector.  I'm not going to drop $15 on it until after the Wednesday event.  Then a real comparison can be made.

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